ANTIQUE ENGINE REBUILDING: Richard Fallucca, owner, has been rebuilding engines since 1975. He gained a great deal of experience with babbitt bearings while in the Navy. In 1991 he moved to his present location at 4835 Louise Street in Skokie Illinois. Richard has rebuilt engines for show cars, "The Great Race," and has extensive knowledge in rebuilding restorers and drivers. Now with over 4,000 square feet of machine shop, all of your custom rebuilding needs can be met. Such as partial jobs, and short block to running engine. Antique Engine Rebuilding, while concentrating on rebuilding Model T's and Flathead Fords, specializes in Model A's and Insert Model A engines.
  I am now going to use this space to inform you of what is happening.   You will notice crating is complete with illustrations. 




Now in the works are forged steel MODEL B CONNECTING RODS.  Plan to be available mid 2010. With bearings.                                             Model B main bearings in STD, 010, 020, 030, 040, 060, undersize  with  thrust washers end January or early February, 2010                                  Model A rod bearings in 002 for the Burlington crankshaft now in stock. Model A rod bearings in 060 undersize mid 2010.                                  Model A main bearings in .002 for the Burlington crankshaft and .060 end January early February.

I have had a increased volume of Model A  engine rebuilding mostly Touring engines. This extra work has made it necessary to temporary stop rebuilding Model T and V8 Ford engines.  Sorry for the in convince.  

Parts swaps coming up I will attend                                                           February 6th & 7th Kalamazoo, MI.                                                   February 21st Kane county, IL.                                                          February 28th Washington county, WI.                                                  March 18th & 19th Chickasha, OK. 

Store will be open during normal business hours while I'm away.

Now in stock insert Model A main bearings STD 010, 020, 030, 040, sizes ready to ship.  These bearings come with directions thrust washers are extra. Call with any questions I hope to soon have a web page with full description.

By request I will now publish my E-Mail address.  I have not done this previously for two reasons. I can be slow at return e-mail especially if out of town and I get too much spam or garbage.   Lets try to see if it will work for all.

When rebuilding your engine or exchange it advisable to consider a hi compression head as this will give you considerable more power.  It is worth the money.  It is the bang for the buck.


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Saturday 8:00am to12:00pm


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